Technology plays an important role in everyday life and this is no different at Cedars. With a variety of devices and tools available from Prep to Year 12, our students are exposed to technology, given skills to use it effectively, and taught to behave ethically and responsibly online.

Our Junior School students have access to notebook computers which are used regularly by all classes. Each room is fully equipped with an interactive whiteboard, data projector and document camera, making teacher instruction dynamic and engaging. Students also take every opportunity to use all of these tools as they learn each day.

Middle School is well equipped with contemporary educational technologies to engage and excite the learner. Students have a dedicated computer lab and data projector or interactive whiteboard in every classroom. Our Year 7 and 8 iPad program has been based on extensive research with our findings in the area of Mathematics and Student Engagement being made available to various other schools to learn from. Teaching programs have been purposefully written to incorporate this technology, ensuring the establishment of effective research and IT skills.

Our Senior College students enjoy a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment, allowing them the freedom to use their choice of technology to aid them in their learning. There are plenty of school owned laptops available to borrow and the classroom, playground and study facilities display an authentic use of technology as students have the flexibility to use technological devices as needed or required.

Our graduates leave our College with a vast range of IT skills developed over their time from Prep to Year 12 either through specific courses with our Director of IT or Technology Staff or through using a variety of technology tools to assist them in their learning.