Cedars Students ‘Write a Book in a Day’

Last Monday 50 students from Years 7-11 gathered at 8am as they prepared themselves to undertake the gargantuan task of writing a book in just TWELVE hours.

Write A Book In A Day is a creative and challenging competition in which teams of up to 10 must write and illustrate a book from start to finish in a consecutive 12-hour period. To make things even more interesting students are given unique parameters on the day which must be included in the story. These include animals, characters and setting. The completed books are then given to children in hospital with cancer.

In teams, students delegated writing, editing and illustrating duties, and worked tirelessly through the day into the night as they took their creative ideas and materialised them in the form of five gorgeous books. Stories of Christmas cockroaches, the seedy underbelly of the postal world and much more swirled around the room as teams rushed towards the finish line, submitting the final books with three minutes to spare!

So far, Cedars students have raised $2875 for The Kid’s Cancer Project, a national charity with a mission to support scientific research to help children with cancer. Those wishing to sponsor our Cedars teams can do so until the 31st of August at the following pages:

It was amazing to see so many students coming together to take on this incredible challenge for such a great cause!