Our Middle School

Cedars Middle School program sets us apart from many other schools because we’ve thought a little differently.

For students in Years 5 to 8, our Middle School intentionally does what the name suggests; we nurture our students’ “middle” transition from Junior School to Senior College.

We do it because we understand the challenges at this point in a student’s education as they leave a primary school environment with predominantly one teacher, to a high school environment that has a complex timetable and a variety of teaching approaches and expectations.

Cedars Middle School program, instead, manages this phase by introducing specialist teachers in Years 5 and 6 while students still spend a large percentage of their time with their Pastoral Care Teacher – what others call a Homeroom Teacher. This proportion of time gradually decreases through Year 7 and 8 as each child becomes more independent and is ready to be taught by a wider number of specialist teachers.