Connor Hutchinson

While a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes in his first year of Senior College may have brought with it both shock and significant life changes, it did not dampen Connor Hutchinson’s determination to shoot for a place at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

Fast forward four years, and with a scratch under 100% for his Music 2 and Music Extension HSC Courses, Connor’s acceptance into the ‘Con’ was further sweetened by being awarded a highly competitive scholarship.

Connor credits his love of music and his faith in God for helping him to overcome the challenges of his diagnosis. “Music has always been important to me – I have been performing and arranging all through high school, and my ultimate goal is to become a composer of film and television scores.”

“Having a chronic illness like Type 1 Diabetes is a struggle and some days are harder than others. It took a lot of determination and a deep reliance on God, especially throughout my HSC year, to finally reach my goal.”

Connor’s hard work saw him achieve 96/100 for Music 2 and 49/50 in Music Extension.

But it was not all study. With a focus on leadership and service, Connor was able to give back to the College in a variety of ways. He arranged musical items for assemblies, events and for Cedars end of year Celebration, as well as coordinated the Cedars Worship Team from 2011-2015. Throughout his time at Cedars, he participated in nursing home visits, public speaking competitions, led worship at the Illawarra Prayer Breakfast in 2014, and was a member of the Exo Day Committee. Connor represented Cedars in the Lions Youth of the Year Quest in both the Club and Regional challenges, and received a Wests Illawarra Special Achievement Award in 2015. He was a Year 11 Student Leader and elected School Captain in his final year or school.

“Being School Captain during Year 12 taught me valuable lessons and like other students I had great opportunities to serve as a leader at school and in the wider community. But the thing I am most proud of is setting up a Junior School reading initiative.”

“I’ll always look back on my years at Cedars fondly. I loved being Captain in my final year and I especially appreciate the friendships that will last a lifetime.”